Coronavirus and the Elderly

How can Wellness Call can help

  • Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, during a period of time when staying at home and socially distanced is essential, it’s important to keep seniors safe, reassured, active and cared for. 
  • Safe Care: Our caregivers are trained in infectious disease control and safe senior care, reducing the risk of community-wide exposure to COVID-19. 
  • Safe At Home: Seniors are safest at home, away from the risk of infection. focuses on care and supportive senior care services in the comfort and safety of home, where they are best protected while maintaining one-on-one relationships. 
  • Essentials: Our caregivers can pick up prescriptions, grocery shop or provide transportation to medical appointments. Our offices can help place online orders for supplies, meals and other necessities. 
  • Cleaning: Our caregivers can provide light housekeeping and make sure that surfaces are disinfected to keep seniors healthy and prepare meals to make sure they are nourished. Our staff follows hygiene procedures directed by the Ministry of Health , including vigorous and frequent handwashing with soap and water, use of sanitizing gels (with 70% alcohol level or higher), use of disinfectant wipes to frequently wipe down surfaces, proper coughing and sneezing techniques, disposal of any items that may have virus or bacteria, and much more. 
  • Staying Social: Wellness Call is all about Elevating the Human Spirit for clients, caregivers and families. That has never been more important than now. During this time of social distancing, seniors may be socially isolated, in addition to being physically isolated. Wellness Call works to help seniors fight depression and loneliness, especially while remaining at home. We help keep them active, optimistic and socially engaged during this period. A daily dose of joy is sorely needed. 
  • Virtual Care: Our offices provide digital, remote services to extend care (including virtual check-ins). We can enable social connection and augment in-home visits. This includes check-in phone calls and virtual check-ins.

Ways to Keep In Touch with Seniors

Keeping in touch with family and friends is meaningful and thoughtful no matter whether you’re near or far, in-person or online. It’s especially important to check in with seniors for their safety and mental health. Feelings of senior isolation and loneliness can lead to depression, especially during quarantine and stay-at-home orders for seniors. It doesn’t take much time or effort to brighten their day with a smile and hello in any shape or form. From parents, grandparents, and elderly neighbors to friends and family in other cities and states, here are a few ways to connect with others when you can’t be together in person.

  • Phone calls: Give their landline or cell phone a call. Schedule a phone date or call during a time you know they’ll be home and available to chat support hydra
  • Videos calls, including FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom: Not all seniors have a smartphone or are comfortable with maneuvering technology. Make the first move and call them first. Schedule a time so they can plan ahead and feel settled and comfortable. Spontaneous video calls may catch some offguard, so be respectful of time and space. 
  • Recorded video messages: Several apps offer “record now, watch later” features. Marco Polo is a popular and simple app to record a video message and send to connections to watch, and rewatch on their own time. 
  • Letters and post cards: Nothing beats a surprise note in the mailbox. Use old stationary or note cards to take pen to paper with a handwritten message. Or type and print a longer letter to share a personal update, favorite memory, or story. Bonus: add a few printed pictures in the envelope.

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